In accordance with manufacturers installation and application manuals, Petes Render have adopted and masterd the most efficient and effective systems and procedures for installing and applying all the products and systems that it uses.

This approach has allowed us to provide you with a consistently high standard of service and high quality finished product, that is affordable.

In a market place that has so many variations, the most important thing to consider when comparing prices is to understand exactly what it is your getting for your money.

Petes Render is proud to associate itself with the highest quality products, and install and apply these products using the most current and best researched methods in accordance with manufacturers specifications. This approach ensures total long term security for the customer.

Another very important consideration when selecting a contractor to undertake your render, coatings or light weight walling needs, is the co ordination of the works and the amount of time required on scaffolding or access equipment. Due to the nature of the company structure, and the fact that all work is undertaken and completed "in house" , our time frames tend to be much more efficient.

Some of the many things that may effect a price are the quality of the products used, the saftey procedures followed, the efficiency of the on site systems applied, or the size of the project.

When pricing a project, Petes Render uses a M2 Rate (not uncommon), which may vary depending on substrate, product and system specifications, and size of the project. In order to assist the customer in calculating an approximate cost, we are able to list our standard rates for some of the more commonly used systems.